What Should We Eat?

When I became a mom, I wanted to feed my kids nothing but organic and locally grown foods, figuring these foods were best for the planet and for the health of my growing kids. Later, when I came to question some of the hype around the organic, non-GMO and locavore […]

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The Social Consequences of the GMO Debate

The GMO debate has been raging for two decades, but this debate isn’t actually about GMOs at all. Rather, “GMOs” have become a stand-in for a number of very real concerns: Who controls our food supply? Who makes sure our food is safe to eat and our environment is protected? […]

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What Should I Eat: Big Environmental Questions and Cutting Edge Cuisine

When you think about an exquisitely prepared multi-course meal served at the famed James Beard House in New York city, feedlot beef and supermarket tomatoes probably aren’t the first ingredients that come to mind. But that’s exactly what was on the menu at a recent dinner hosted by the Breakthrough […]

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