What Should We Eat?

When I became a mom, I wanted to feed my kids nothing but organic and locally grown foods, figuring these foods were best for the planet and for the health of my growing kids. Later, when I came to question some of the hype around the organic, non-GMO and locavore […]

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The Social Consequences of the GMO Debate

The GMO debate has been raging for two decades, but this debate isn’t actually about GMOs at all. Rather, “GMOs” have become a stand-in for a number of very real concerns: Who controls our food supply? Who makes sure our food is safe to eat and our environment is protected? […]

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The high price of food labels

If you’re like me, grocery shopping is both a pleasure and a struggle. I love to see which fresh produce and fancy cheeses are available! But meal planning is a challenge when your household contains one adventurous vegetarian (that’s me!) and two choosy eaters. Our grocery budget can get a […]

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