Author: mommyphd2

(Don’t) Jump Around: A Closer Look at Trampolines

Two years ago, my youngest broke his leg at a trampoline park while we were on vacation visiting my parents. In the urgent care center across the street, the nurses informed me that such accidents were frequent, with toddlers coming in multiple times a week with broken legs. Given their […]

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SciMoms Chats: Pfizer closes neuroscience division

SciMoms chats are a series of articles based on our everyday conversations. Today, the SciMoms discussed the continuing trend of pharmaceutical companies closing their neuroscience divisions. Alison is a neuroscientist who studies the role of epigenetics in Parkinson’s disease. Layla is a molecular geneticist who works in the biotech sector. The […]

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SciMoms Chats: placebos and compassion

SciMoms Chats are a series of articles based on our SciMoms chat. Yesterday, we discussed placebos after reading a new study about the efficacy of acupuncture for pain relief in cancer patients. The original conversation has been edited for clarity and references added where needed. Alison: This study is interesting: […]

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