Goody Bags: Why Do We Keep Giving Them Despite Their Environmental Footprint?

Open my son’s drawer of toys and at the very bottom, you’ll find fistfuls of whistles, bracelets, keychains, and small plastic figurines that we’ve collected over the years from goody bags given away at birthday parties. They’re branded with Paw Patrol, Hot Wheel, Shimmer & Shine, and a bunch of […]

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SciMoms Chats: Pfizer closes neuroscience division

SciMoms chats are a series of articles based on our everyday conversations. Today, the SciMoms discussed the continuing trend of pharmaceutical companies closing their neuroscience divisions. Alison is a neuroscientist who studies the role of epigenetics in Parkinson’s disease. Layla is a molecular geneticist who works in the biotech sector. The […]

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Ask SciMoms: what’s the environmental impact of beef?

This is the first post in a new segment we’re naming “Ask SciMoms”. Every month, we’ll pick a few questions we’ve received and answer them. If you have a submission, you can send it to us by our social media channels or by emailing questions@scimoms.com. In our first post, we […]

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